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Monday, March 06, 2006


Obviously emotions are something that great minds and thinkers have tried to understand and explain forever. I will make no attempts at explain emotion, and I guess I'm writing this in an attempt to understand it.
Apparently psychologists differentiate emotions and feelings, but I think for my purposes here they are the same. Love, Hate, Pride, Responsibility, Fear, Sorrow, Happiness, etc. There are so many emotions, some seem more complex then others, some easier to explain, yet we know they're all just caused by different chemicals in our brains. i.e. Fear, seems like an easy one, we're afraid of monsters, axe murders, spiders, etc, but it also gets more complex then that. Some people are scared of flying, some people are scared of elevators. Those can we can try to explain based on bad experiences those people had on a plane or in an elevator. But what about the people who are scared of open spaces? Or those who are afraid of being alone, or in the dark, afraid of bacteria, the list goes on, and on. What makes one person afraid of bacteria, but another afraid of an open field? I don't know. We could spend eternity trying to answer that, yet fear is only one of the many emotions we're here to understand. Hate and Responsibility, two emotions that seemingly different and disconnected, yet each emotion can be paired or connected with others. In the case of family feuds the hatred for the other side is directly connected to one's responsibility to ones family. This same connection can be seen in other (more ugly) areas in history that I'd rather not talk about. Love and Sorrow, another two emotions that seem to be opposite, but I don't even have to explain how they are often connected. I think the lesson here is that to understand emotions you have to understand them all as a group, not to dissect them and attempt to explain each individually.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


What is the mindcircus? The brilliant flow if ideas that is human conciousness. Ideas, thought, emotion these are the things that make us human, as opposed to ape. Thought be explained by electrons in you brain, but there must be more to it then that, no? I don't mean to sound to spiritual, because I will be the first to admit that I am not a religious person. But with the range of human thought, all the beauty and innovation that has spurred from it, its hard to accept, what I personally believe, that we are just animals,beings,creatrures driven by nothing other then checmicals and electrons. This is the opening act of my mindcircus, thought. We all have thoughts, lots of them, even now I've been compelled to write out my thoughts (as many have before me), in what I can only assume is an attempt to make sense of them. Its weird to think that I'm writing my thoughts to explain them to myself, just as much I am to share them. Where does a thought stem from idea to action, what made me write this instead of just thinking about writing it? Everyday you think of lots of things that you don't do, and some things that you do, do. I guess I haven't though about this enough to give an answer, but its a good question. Hopefully we'll have an answer later.

At this point I have to share that I stole the title for this post from a great song by Way Out West. Not original, what the hell, nothing is new anyway. It just seems fitting for what I'm trying to get across, all our minds are filled with valuable, useless, irriplacable, mindless, insprational, evil, historic thoughts everyday. Here are mine.


So what do you really expect me to say here. Why should I waste my time on a first post if noone is going to read it? I guess thats the big question. Does anyone want to read what you have to say? I don't care, I just need some place to rant.